Northwest Behavioral Healthcare Services provides effective treatment for the mental and behavioral problems of troubled adolescents in the Pacific Northwest. We help parents and families of children ages 12 to 17 who have proven difficult to treat, particularly those individuals with dual diagnoses and those who need a more secure environment.

At Northwest Behavioral Healthcare Services, experienced professionals guide and care for youth, helping them to learn better ways to deal with their problems while encouraging them to reach their potential. Whether they are dealing with drug dependency, eating disorders, or other mental or behavioral issues, our treatment program provides the opportunity of hope and growth.

Our Treatment Program
Our treatment program has found success with individuals facing all kinds of mental health problems. From depression to problems with self-esteem, we offer effective treatment that will help your adolescent youth to get better. Common issues addressed by our treatment program include:

We provide psychiatric treatment, rehabilitation, treatment for patients with dual diagnoses and other services from skilled counselors and other committed professionals. Together with dedicated parents, we put troubled youth on the right path. If you are having trouble with your adolescent child, call us at 503-722-4470.

For The Community
Northwest Behavioral Healthcare Services provides free teen recovery support services in the greater Portland Metro area. For more information, email We also provide alcohol assessments by appointment, free for local schools. Urinalysis is available.