Inexpensive DIY Infrared Sauna Tent For Detoxing Your Child At Home

If you look at the research behind using infrared saunas to detox potential toxins in autistic children, you can see it’s not a guaranteed improvement, but more often than not improvements are experienced. Most parents do not have the income to purchase a thousand dollar unit for their children without guaranteed results, but thanks to the work of a blogger named Matt Justice, this DIY tent you can build at home is a great test to see if they garner improvement.

Justice has produced a step by step DIY near infrared sauna course, showing you how to assemble a near infrared heat lamp sauna with no tools at home. The total cost for this setup is about $250.00, and you can order everything on Amazon. No technical experience is required, and Matt has done an excellent job at laying out exactly how to mount the near infrared heat lamps inside for maximum effect.

This is children safe, not FDA approved treatment of course, but a natural way for your child to sweat out toxins we believe.

These heat lamp saunas have been used by functional medicine doctors for years, to help detox from pesticides, vaccines, and inorganic substances in the body. Farmers have shown roundup in many crops, and it’s creeping it’s way into our entire food supply. In addition to the dietary changes we recommend for all parents, a near infrared sauna tent is also a good idea to see how your child responds.

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