Typical Day

Unlike many adolescent programs that only provide treatment during the weekdays, the intensive program at Northwest Behavioral Healthcare Services provides structured, therapeutic groups and activities eight to ten hours a day, seven days a week.

By design, all the groups are small so that each individual receives the attention they need. The program is also designed such that there is a balance of group modalities including didactic (teaching), experiential (doing), and process-oriented (think about it and talk about it). Attending classes at our onsite school and participating in outdoor and indoor therapeutic recreation groups are also a daily part of our program. Teens regularly participate in individual and family therapy sessions. They also regularly meet with their psychiatrist. The typical day is a busy one, starting at 8 AM and ending around 10:30 PM with consecutive treatment activities in between.

Four or more groups with rich and diverse content occur simultaneously almost every hour, thus making it difficult to describe a “typical” schedule.

Some examples of group topics include: Stages of Change or 12-Step Modalities, Identifying Personal Triggers, Refusal Skills, Addiction and the Brain, Preparation and Planning for After-Care, Anxiety and Impulse Control, Thinking Errors and Cognitive Distortions, Yoga and Relaxation, Conflict Resolution Skills, Clarifying Your Values & Beliefs, Gratitude, Overcoming Depression, Coping with Cravings, Understanding Family Roles, and Anger Management.